Lightning PROOF Your Saltwater Disposal Well

Lightning Dome Protectors (LDP), based in Midland, TX., is the only company in the country that can guarantee lightning won’t strike your saltwater disposal well, oil/gas tank battery, oil storage terminal, drilling or workover rig or any other type of asset or property. LDP’s device is so effective, it comes with a $6MM insurance policy. No other lightning protection company on the planet will provide you with a guarantee! The DDCE as it’s called, has been installed over 10K times across 37 countries and there have been ZERO Lightning Strikes! Customers can remove the lightning protection coverage from their insurance policy and save a significant amount of money. The DDCE device is certified by Nato, NFPA, UL, Bureau Veritas, CTE. 

If you are interested in receiving a FREE quote, contact or call (214) 418-1177. 

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