SWD Lightning Protection Can Save Your Ass-ets!

PetroGuardian (www.PetroGuardian.com) provides specialty engineered lightning protection system and designs, installs and maintains custom lightning protection, surge suppression, grounding and bonding systems for oil and gas assets and saltwater disposal (SWD) facilities. PetroGuardian is the only independent lightning protection EPC company worldwide with extensive experience in all three lightning protection technologies available today – conventional lightning protection, early streamer emitting and lightning dissipation.

PetroGuardian is a lightning protection company that uses scientific theory as well as over 15 years of field experience to design custom solutions to shield people, places and sensitive electrical and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. We have applied our knowledge as lightning protection professionals to protect everything from critical logic controllers for petrochemical plants to upstream/midstream/downstream oil and gas processes, retrofitting protection equipment into/onto existing structures and incorporating solutions into the design and building phases.

Over the years, some of our customers such as the U.S. military, Exco Resources, Chesapeake Energy, DuPont, Exxon-Mobil, Motiva, Devon, Pioneer, Noble Drilling, NASA, etc. have awarded PetroGuardian, LLC. with exclusive Master Service Agreements and designated us as their recommended lightning protection consultants. We have designed and installed over 5000 commercial and industrial facilities for protection of people, property and processes from risks of direct and indirect lightning strikes. PetroGuardian designs lightning protection systems in compliance to the relevant standards including: NFPA 780; NFPA 77; UL 96A; API 545; API 650; API 2003; FAASTD019e; IEEE std 142; IEEE std 1100; NASA KSC-STD-E-0012E; Air Force 1065; NAVSEA OP 5; IEC std 62305; NFC 17-102. LES can provide installation via OEM or certified contractors if desired.

Quality Assurance: PetroGuardian, LLC. is a recognized global manufacturer headquartered in the USA. We have been dedicated to the field of lightning protection since 1996. We offer an array of products and engineered solutions to meet specific needs and requirements. We are committed to continuous improvement and service through continued research and development. Testing in laboratory environments allows us to maintain quality product lines and manufacturing processes. Using the latest manufacturing technology available assures delivery of premium products to our customers. We affiliate our growth with research scientists, practicing engineering consultants and vested employees. Our operations are managed and continuously improved through standardized procedures of a custom designed Total Quality Management policy.

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