Version 3.0 Coming Soon!

In 2015, after selling our interest in a South Texas saltwater disposal company we decided to form as a platform to help connect buyers and sellers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our goals are simple:

  • Help sellers cast a wider net when marketing their SWD properties to prospective buyers
  • Help qualified buyers access a wide variety of SWD properties for potential acquisition
  • Enable buyers and sellers to close transactions quickly and efficiently
  • Become the “go-to-guys” for all saltwater disposal related transactions
  • Expand our reach and increase transactions by constantly locating new buyers, sellers and now investors
  • Grow revenue through bolt-on services and additional product offerings
  • Increase profitability by leveraging technology and further streamlining operations
  • Provide best-in-class service and go above and beyond for all customers large and small
  • Develop the largest network of buyers, sellers and investors within the SWD sector
  • Look for strategic partners who can add value, increase revenues and support our customers

Today, we are very proud of how far we have come but we have only begun. We are currently planning our next phase of growth and will be releasing version 3.0 in the coming months. We encourage you to send us your feedback and comments on ways in which we can improve our system and processes. Contact us at

We hope to continue to serve you in the best way possible for many years to come.

Kurt Knewitz – Owner

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