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The ELIMINATOR™ Offload System (OS) was designed to save saltwater disposal (SWD) operators time and money by automating and simplifying the offload of both produced and flowback water through an SWD facility. The ELIMINATOR™-OS is a dual-lane, self-contained patent pending water filtration unit that, with proper permissives, also allows complete 24/7 SWD automation, including control of entire tank battery and high-pressure injection pumps. The unit has solids catch basins and an automatic backwash system that eliminate the need for use of conventional filters (socks, cartridge elements, etc.) Each lane of the ELIMINATOR™-OS has an offload flow-rate capability of 8-11 barrels per minute, up to 15,000 barrels per day, which far exceeds conventional truck pressure offloads. Offloading water faster means more profits and turns for the disposal site. Quality and attention to detail are quickly seen with this unit as the 2” and 4” piping, as well as the custom filter pots, are constructed of stainless steel with flanges at each connection point to ensure long life and ease of maintenance required in challenging operating environments.

Want to expand and add more lanes? Additional lanes can easily be added to the Eliminator-OS. Upgrade and retro-fit your existing SWD facility utilizing features of the ELIMINATOR™-OS.

The ELIMINATOR™-OS will protect your wellbore from unauthorized offloads as well as account for each transaction from every operator and lease. Reduce your operating costs and manpower with the ELIMINATOR™-OS. Using all of the features offered, you can easily convert your private disposal into a commercial disposal with potential for greater profitability.

Big Sky SWD Solutions

Highly focused on the front-end water offload area of saltwater disposal wells (SWD), Big Sky SWD Solutions has developed a fully automated patent-pending SWD offload system called the Eliminator, designed to help maximize operating efficiencies while increasing water offload productivity which ultimately leads to greater profitability by reducing costs.

Challenges such as wellbore protection, offload accounting management, water offload efficiency, filter sock cost/disposal, environmental safety, and real-time site dispatch visibility have now been addressed with the Eliminator product line.

Company Overview

Big Sky SWD Solutions was founded in 2013 by a group of industry professionals to address the challenges of running a successful SWD operation. Our founders owned and operated SWDs in the tumultuous Bakken oilfield. The key issues we faced were skyrocketing costs of consumables, expensive personnel costs and lack of quality process data from our wells.

Through years of research and development, our team developed a set of solutions which address all concerns in the operation of an SWD. Visit our product page to browse our offerings and find out more about the technological solutions we provide. www.BigSkySWD.com logo@2x

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